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Architecture & Building Performance Consulting
Architectural Design & Construction Process
Value-Based decision making, innovative and highly aesthetic design solutions,  
and high levels of sustainability and performance are our project approach towards
design at Keclik Associates.  We believe that every projects small or large has an
opportunity for both the client and designer to make informed decisions that reflect
high quality projects.  Through each phase of the project Keclik Associates calls
upon our 35 plus years of experience and expertise in licensed architecture.  The use
of value analysis in facility designs not only improves the cost, but also  improves
functionality, performance, aesthetics, durability, and quality.

General Information

New Construction & Renovation of Existing Buildings
Historical Structures                Interior Renovations
ADA Compliance
Preliminary Design, Design Development, Construction Documents, Bidding and Negotiations, and
Construction Administration

What we will do for You?

Keclik Associates has been designing high quality, high performance buildings  for
companies at locations around the United States since 1977.  We adhere to the
American Association of Architects Code of Ethics and treat all clients with
professionalism, Integrity, and competence.  As a licensed architect we are also first
and foremost entrusted with the Health, Safety, and Welfare of the built
environment with which we interact.  

Architecture is the manipulation and organization of 3-dimensional space.  There
are an infinite number of ways that we can enclose or experience that space.  
Each person has a unique style or favorite "look" that they favor over others. It is the
architect's challenge to make sure that the space designed for living or working is
efficient, exciting and effective for the tasks at hand.  The appearance of the
exterior envelope of that space can be finished to match any individual tastes and
style.  It is important that the space you will use fits your unique needs.

The principals at Keclik Associates have addressed all types of buildings, including
office and commercial, institutional and industrial, residential, hospitality,
entertainment, and historically significant properties.

If requested, the analysis will provide opinions of probable costs for
recommended remedies to observed physical deficiencies.  The remedies can be
offered in terms of sustainable design as well as best management practices.
What we do?




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