Keclik Associates Ltd.
Architecture & Building Performance Consulting
Expert Testimony & Dispute Resolutions
Keclik Associates principals have been summoned to trial as expert witnesses many
times.  Our experience and knowledge of all phases of design, construction and
design/build services has provided many trials with unbiased scientific and factual  
based opinions seasoned with decades of experience.  Keclik Associates firmly
upholds it oath to the Architects Code of Ethics and professional conduct by
offering factual expert witness testimony during depositions regarding forensic
architectural and construction disputes.  Services include document and on-site  
investigation of the root cause of the dispute or deficiency, and submittal of a
comprehensive analysis and report. Thorough documentation of observations and
existing conditions, testing, analysis, and a subsequent report of all aspects of the
deficiencies are created.  Possible design solutions can be developed to address
the performance failure concerns.

General Information

Slip and Fall Accidents
Stairs, lighting, coefficient of friction and surface maintenance.

Regulatory Code
Water leakage and moisture intrusion, air infiltration,  inadequate life safety standards, Maintenance.

Product Failure & Design Disputes
Product Testing and specification review, Testing Standard Compliance, Lighting, Ventilation.

Construction Contract Review
InadequateTesting, Submittals, Documentation of Process, Standard of care, Property Maintenance

What we will do for You?

Keclik Associates has been integral to solving problems like those mentioned above
for companies at locations around the United States.  Sometimes the solution
requires an intensive evaluation of the documentation of a project such as
contracts, photographs, correspondence and drawings and specifications.

Other times, little or no information about the alleged or factual problems exists and
must be discovered, uncovered, or tested  at the site of the problem.  Observations
to thoroughly document existing conditions, testing, analysis, and a subsequent
report of the situation are created to address the concerns and possible solutions.  

The principals at Keclik Associates have evaluated all types of buildings, including
office and commercial, institutional and industrial, residential, hospitality,
entertainment, and historically significant properties.  If requested, the analysis will
provide opinions of probable costs for recommended remedies to observed physical
deficiencies.  The remedies can be offered in terms of sustainable design as well as
best management practices.




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