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Regulatory Compliance Codes, Standards, ADA
Regulatory constraints on design have increased steadily over time.  Beginning with
simple safety requirements, minimal land use, light/air requirements and  zoning,
building codes and regulations have grown into a major force that regulates every
aspect of design and construction.  Keclik Associates provides regulatory
compliance review services including site review and planning, building placement
and design cohesion, construction drawing and specification review, ADA
compliance, fire and product safety, systems integration, and sustainability life
cycle design choices .

General Information

Building Codes & Standards
International Building Code , Uniform Plumbing Code,  International Mechanical Code, NEC 2005,
International Energy Conservation Code
,  International Green Construction Code.

1991, 2010 ADA Standards, HUD standards
Americans with Disabilities Act original and revised standards

ASTM. ANSI, AHSRAE, IESNA, and other standards

Green Globes and US Government Guiding Principles Compliance
Sustainability assessments and reviews including the ANSI Sustainability Standard

What we will do for You?
Keclik Associates will perform assessment and review of your building projects
construction documents and on site visit, for compliance to sustainability standards.

The principals at Keclik Associates have evaluated facilities ranging from large
nationally prominent resort properties to small office and residential buildings. We
have deep experience in human to building interaction in areas such as slip and
falls, stair construction, lighting levels and other ergonomic considerations.

Insurance Reviews and litigation often require a comprehensive analysis of the level
of completeness of the synchronization between the drawings, specifications and
installed project. Building failures resulting from inaccurate or inadequate
compliance to requirements of the codes and regulations required for construction
in a given locality can have a disastrous effect through resultant damages, injuries,
or lost revenue.




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