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Building Performance Analysis
Building configuration, materials, and systems are rarely field tested and often leaks
and other building inefficiencies can occur.  Keclik Associates provides building
performance analysis to building owners and operators to help identify these
inefficiencies including: air/moisture infiltration points, heat loss/gain, exterior wall
deficiencies, window failures, lighting/energy consumption, and standard of care in
workmanship.  Observations to thoroughly document existing conditions, destructive
examination or testing, review and analysis, and a subsequent report of the
situation are created to address the concerns and possible design solutions

Examples of Building Problems that We Can Help With

Building product or System Performance Failures
Solving interconnected problem between components of building system assemblies, like windows,
doors, walls, interior finishes or equipment

Occupant and Tenant Dilemmas
Water leakage and moisture intrusion, air infiltration, inadequate personal comfort or             
inappropriate life safety standards.

Unexpected difficulties from misinterpreted regulatory compliance
Permitting or National Local Code differences, Lighting and Ventilation Standards
Stair and Walkway Safety Concerns, Interior Finish Selection & Installation, Property Maintenance.

What we will do for You?

Keclik Associates has reviewed existing and new buildings at locations around the
United States, solving problems like those mentioned above.  The location of a
building performance or deficiency issue may be on the roof, in the basement, or on
an exterior wall 15 stories above the ground  We will get up close and familiar with
the problem area even if it requires equipment to access or disassemble the area
around the problem to better understand the source of the failure.

Our 35 years of architectural, construction and project management experience
have allowed us to understand quickly what the effects of improper or inadequate
design and construction. We have found , however, that the most obvious
evaluation of the problem can often be just a symptom of the true source of the
problem. It is imperative to make sure the base failure of building components is
understood and identified so the problem will not reoccur.  Cosmetic fixes to a
building design or construction defect will only ensure that the problem will reoccur
again over time if not correctly identified.

The principals at Keclik Associates have been performing forensic investigations into
building performance failures since 2003, building on a career of architectural work
and expertise accumulated  in decades prior to that time.




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