Keclik Associates Ltd.

Licensed Architect

Expert Witness
Experienced in Litigation
& Dispute Resolution


Green Globes

Building Performance

Licensed Realtor
Architecture & Building Performance Consulting
How we can help you...
Keclik Associates represents 65 years of expertise in all aspects of architectural
design and construction,
dispute resolution, litigation support, sustainability
facility management,  building performance evaluation, building product
property transactions, construction administration, and ADA review solutions.
What We Do?
General Information

Architectural & Construction Process
New Construction, Continual Improvement on Existing Buildings, Historic Preservation,  
Light Commercial Projects, Residential, Office, Institutional, and Hospitality.

Expert Testimony & Dispute Resolutions
Building Products & Building System Performance failures, Slip and Fall, Code Compliance,
Design or Construction Standards of care and Deficiencies,
Lighting Standards, Stair and
Walkway Safety, Interior Finish and Property Maintenance

Regulatory Compliance Codes, Standards, ADA
Building Codes & Standards, International Building Codes, 2010 ADA Standards, ANSI.
ASTM,  Community Planning Controls

Building Performance Analysis
Storm Damage, Water Leakage, Window Performance, Floor and Wall Finishes,
Hurricane, Tornado and Hail storm assessments.

Sustainability & Rating Systems
Green Globes Assessment, LEED Compliance




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